Peculiar. Writer, dreamer, and a bit of a bubble head. I like to imagine fighting dragons. I have a thing for accents and making items. I write little fics and sing fandom songs. If you ever want me to do something, just ask. I'm usually agreeable, but never quite myself.


When I can’t breathe and I’m mostly dead, that’s when I’m most vulnerable to emotion, like the need for so one to love me or cuddle, but at the same time since I feel like crap I often get really snarky when someone touches me.

It appears I cannot stay the night at any of my friends’ places if they live in a single wide trailer, because every time I wake up, I can’t breathe, my allergies are acting up, my body is killing me, and generally there’s a lot of spilled stuff and loud television or games.

I’m not saying anything about any people in Kansas who happen to keep up with my shit, I’m saying this about the crazy right wing conservatives.
I like Michelle Obama as much as the next liberal teen, but why would you send her to speak at a high school graduation in Kansas? She’s a very liberal, very open minded and quick tempered black woman. She’s not going to be well received by a majority in the crazy state.

put a letter in my ask

‎A - Available?

B - Birthday?

C - Crushing on?

D - Drink you last had?

E - Easiest person to talk to?

F - Favourite song?

G - Grade i hated?

H - Hometown?

I - Icecream flavour?

J - Jellybean flavour?

K - Killed someone?

L- Longest friendship?

M - Milkshake flavour?

N - Number of siblings?

O - One wish?

P - Person who called me last?

Q - Question your always asked?

R - Reason to smile?

S - Song i last sung?

T - Time you woke up?

U - Umbrella colour?

V - Very best friend?

W - Which celebrity i’d marry?

X - X rays i had?

Y - Your last time you cried?

Z - Zodiac sign?

I just came back from my second viewing of DoS, and it was even better than the first time. I love the barrel scenes, but everything is fantastic and why did I make the decision to fall for the dwarves and such?
This movie was perfect. I need it, all the extended scenes and deleted scenes and commentary.
I did get into an argument over, with Thorin vs Kili vs Bofur, and Bard vs Thranduil, and Thranduil vs Legolas. Sadly, Bofur did not win, but Bard did and then Thranduil.

Anonymous asked
You're not a waste and definitely not useless. Did you say you were in college, at 16? That's awesome! (I think, uhh, I sense a cultural difference... None the less my point that you are not useless stands.)

I am in college at 16, but please explain the cultural difference! I’d love to hear about your stuff.
Thanks for thinking I’m not useless, you’re lovely. :)

Anonymous asked
You're beautiful, you're amazing, you're talented, you're adorable, and you are perfect just the way you are. <3

Anon, you are fantastic and I don’t know you, but the fact you think I’m adorable and talented (though I don’t know why) makes my day.
Thanks anon, I hope you get a bundle of chocolates and flowers and your favorite celebrity takes you for coffee or kisses you in the rain or some such.

Okay, no seriously, someone tell me I’m not a waste and useless.

For just one day, I’d like people not to confuse the shit out of me, or make me feel like I’m intruding or worthless.

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